find out what our clients think

Here at Belmont Dental Practice, we are always striving to provide an excellent service.

This is what some of our clients have to say about us.

Mr Warren

“This letter is to put in writing my thanks and appreciation for the dental treatment that you have just completed on my behalf. As you are aware from the many consultations that I had with you, I am overjoyed with the difference that you personally made to the appearance of my teeth.

I had believed that there was little room to achieve improvement in their appearance; how wrong I was. You said on our first meeting that you would have to think ‘out of the box’ to work out what treatment was appropriate.

I was very impressed with your patience, persistence and expertise together with your friendliness. You listened to my dental woes, explained what was possible and effected an amazing improvement.

Throughout my many visits to the Belmont Practice, I have noticed how efficient, friendly and professional everyone, whom I have been in contact with,has been. You and your colleagues all work in harmony to produce an amazing standard of service.

Before I retired, I was responsible for producing and evaluating the standard for customer service for a large government organisation. As far as I am concerned, you and your staff tick all the right boxes for providing a pleasant, efficient, professional and quality service; this, combined with very reasonable charges for the dental treatment, makes the Belmont Practice one that I would be pleased to recommend to anyone. Please accept my thanks.”

C. Kitchen

“I always feel safe and comfortable at Belmont Dental Practice. The staff are kind and friendly. Altogether a 5 star experience. Thank you.”

J. Turner

“I could not have received any better treatment anywhere, and in very good treatment rooms.”

V. McKinnie

“Very satisfied. Really pleased with the service. Lovely coffee!”

D. Smith

“Thank you very much for your patience, support and understanding. You have not only transformed my smile, but also my life. Your expertise has given me the confidence to make return visits to the dentist!”

N. Kitchen

“A visit to the dentist used to terrify me! Not any more. I’m made to feel comfortable and all the treatment is explained in detail. I’d recommend Belmont to anyone!”

L. Thomson

“A welcoming atmosphere where the patient is treated with respect and consideration.”

C. Harris

“The texts about the appointment, two days before, is an excellent idea!”

S. Snowden

“Excellent, first class treatment. My teeth look fabulous! A lovely experience.”

S. Quinn

“Just had Zoom whitening treatment, so pleased with the results, and the two hour treatment was completely stress free, due to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere, created by everyone who works there.

From the moment you walk in you are welcomed like an old friend. This, combined with the excellent advice and dental care, where you are carefully taken through your treatment and able to make informed choices. Never thought I would say it, but it makes going to the dentist enjoyable!”

New Patient

“I must thank you again for the excellent work you did so conscientiously for me. ‘Nearly perfect’ is not in your vocabulary. It has to be ‘better than perfect’. It was all done with such care, concern for my comfort and the explanation of each process was much appreciated!”

D. Clement

“On the occasion I needed to use the out of hours service, I found it to be excellent. I was able to see my own dentist, on a Sunday afternoon and had brilliant treatment.”

A. Blair

“My smile has been restored, my confidence lifted to new heights. My teeth are fab-u-lous. Thankyou so much.”

L. Howe

“I would just like to thank all staff at Belmont. I could not be happier with the treatment I received. I would recommend Belmont Dental Practice to anyone. Thanks again.”

J. Sandlands

“I have climbed Everest – a real challenge for me. Going to the dentist, an even bigger one for me – but this practice is absolutely fabulous and a real pleasure to have treatment and build up confidence!”

C. Downs

“Charlotte went at my pace, made me feel at ease as I used to be that frightened I had to attend hospital for treatment.  She explains everything if desired and is very gentle when carrying out treatment. Highly recommended!!”

J. Sharp

“I would like to express my great thanks to the whole team for the quality of my dental treatment and the sensitivity and consideration with which it was carried out. At the age of 16 I had my teeth ‘fixed’ following a car accident, an experience that left me mildly phobic of dental procedures and less than happy with the result.

Having raised the possibility of improving the appearance of my teeth with my previous dentist and barely got an answer I decided to forget it. Presumably I was too old or a lost cause and I was not in any case actively distressed by my odd teeth. Catherine and Charlotte, however, had other ideas and after ever so tactfully asking me if I was happy with the appearance of my teeth (‘no.. I never have been’), suggested I embark on the Clearstep treatment.

Several painless and relatively effortless months later I am truly delighted by the improved appearance of my teeth. It was easier and the result so much better than I even imagined. So thank you for your professionalism, expertise, patience, tolerance, courtesy and reassurance every step of the way. My phobia is no more and my smile is loads better, after 35 years!”

L. & J. Durham

“Dear Ladies, I have been a patient, as has my son, at Belmont Dental practice for many years, and I have to say how I am so very impressed with service you have provided to us both. The care and attention you have shown us has been exceptional, especially recently when I was experiencing a lot of pain having had three teeth removed, Angela reassured me when I called the emergency dentist at the weekend and then even came in to work early one morning the following week to see me!

I find Julie in reception is always very helpful and always try and works round my work commitments. I try and be a good patient and appear not to be very nervous about the forthcoming pain I know I will experience due to all the work I know I have to have done, but Charlotte explains everything so carefully and always puts me at ease.

My son has no fear of dentists whatsoever due the lovely atmosphere you have all created. Last year he attended a special clinic run by Lynn and now knows how to clean his teeth properly, and at 12 years old I am proud to say he has no fillings….unlike his mother!……In fact he now wants to study to become a dentist! Keep up the good work!”

Marion Frame

I cannot speak too highly of the team here.

Whenever I contact the practice, Julie is unfailingly patiend and cheerful.

Ably assisted by the lovely Caroline, Catherine works miracles with my teeth!  Her charm is only matched by her skill.

Special mention too for Vicky who ensures that my teeth are kept in the best possible condition.

My dental care is in safe hands and I recommend Belmont Dental Practice unreservedly.