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White Fillings

A genuine alternative to metal fillings, white fillings are metal free, invisible once placed and are long lasting.

Many people these days are choosing not to have metal fillings placed in their teeth. This decision is sometimes because they are concerned about the content of amalgam and what it might be doing to their overall health. For other people, they do not like metal fillings because you can see them.

So whatever your reason for wanting an alternative, there is as a solution to the problem.

If a filling is being replaced or it is being placed for the first time, most frequently a white filling can be used. The old filling is removed first. Then a new tooth coloured filling, which is matched to the shade of your existing tooth, is bonded into place and shaped to look like a real tooth.

Sometimes, if you have a chipped or mis-shaped tooth, then white filling material can be used to restore the natural appearance of the tooth, without having to resort to more complex treatments such as crowns or veneers.


Just had Zoom whitening treatment, so pleased with the results, and the two hour treatment was completely stress free, due to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere, created by everyone who works there.

Mrs Susan Quinn

On the occasion I needed to use the out of hours service, I found it to be excellent. I was able to see my own dentist, on a Sunday afternoon and had brilliant treatment.

Mr David Clement