Pre-appointment Instructions

Below are some instructions which we request that you read and follow to help us keep you, our staff and other patients safe.

Thank you.

1. You must not enter the building until summoned by phone, when the clinician is ready to see you. This will help us control the patients in the practice and minimise the level of exposure and risk. If you arrive late for your appointment we wont be able to see as planned.

2. Before you enter the building the same questions will be asked as were asked to you on the phone the day or so previously when the appointment was arranged regarding your COVID-19 contact history and symptoms.

3. Please leave your belongings at home or in the car and bring minimal belongings into the practice with you.  

4. On entering the building you must use the hand sanitiser which is on the window sill at the bottom of the stairs.  Please wear a covering over your nose and mouth (such as surgical mask or a scarf)

5. You must follow the social distancing protocol of standing 2 metres away from the reception desk and any other people you may come into contact with at the practice.

6.  Your temperature will be taken by a member of staff using a contactless thermometer.  If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees, you will be turned away from the practice and we will need to arrange a further appointment for you.

7. The reception team will remain behind a protective plastic screening.

8. Payment will be taken where possible in advance of dental treatment. Contactless payment of up to £45 may be made through the protective plastic screen.

9. You will be escorted directly into the surgery. The patient lounge will not be needed or required until further notice.

10. Please use the toilet before leaving home, as pre the screening recommendation.

11. Once entering the treatment room, you will be instructed to sit in the dental chair and your dentist will confirm the planned procedure for that day.

12. If there are any changes to the treatment which you discussed with the dentist previously on the phone please contact the practice as soon as you can as it may affect the treatment time.

13. If you do develop any covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of your appointment then please contact the practice as soon as you can to inform us of this.

Please be assured we will look after during this process. The practice will seem a little different as it’s likely you won’t see other patients and we aim to expose you to as few a staff members as necessary. We are still all here, but yes, it’s most likely that we are hiding!

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