Angela is heading off to Tanzania in May to teach local community workers to treat dental pain

This summer Angela is spending a fortnight volunteering in Africa with registered charity Bridge2Aid. She will teach community workers in rural areas how to provide emergency dental treatment so that the local population can be relieved from dental pain for many years to come. Angela says “I will be part of a team of 20 dentists and dental nurses traveling to Tanzania – it’s going to be a challenge as the clinics will be very busy and many people will have traveled a considerable distance to be treated. I will not even have the luxury of my dental light as there will be no access to electricity – a head torch will be my new fashion accessory! However, I believe that by passing on some of my skills, communities will be helped in a sustainable way. Next time you’re in the practice, see if you can spot Tanzania on the world map!” These photos show the type of work Angela will be doing.