Your new Dental Health Report

We are now pleased to announce that after every Dental Health Check appointment that you receive at the practice, you will be given a Dental Health Report. We hope that over the coming months, people will get used to having more feedback on their visits to the practice. We hope that this improves your understanding of your mouth and how to keep it healthy to prolong a bright and happy smile. By now you may have received your first Dental Health report. The aim of this is to
  • Enable you to get much more out of your visits to see us.
  • Have a full appreciation of the level of your Dental Health.
  • Understand in more detail all the factors that affect your oral health.
  • Help you to improve your oral health.
  • Enable to you to compare how your oral health is improving or staying the same.
  • Improve communication between you and your dentist to understand your needs better.
  If you have any questions about what this health report means, then please ask a member of the clinical team and they will be happy to help.