The new Adult Extra Healthy Plan

The Adult Extra Healthy Plan Due to popular demand, we have now introduced a new membership plan.  For £22 a month, the Adult Extra Healthy plan includes all of your usual membership benefits. In addition it includes 4 hygiene visits per year, instead of the usual 2. For a great number of patients, it is perfectly adequate for them to have a Dental Health Check appointment every 6 months.  At this appointment, we normally perform a full plaque removal by carrying out a scale and polish.  This is followed up by any relevant oral hygiene instruction and dietary advise and oral health instruction and advise. Some patients are at  a higher risk of decay or gum disease and so they need extra care to keep plaque levels low and oral health maintained.  This is where it would be beneficial to have 4 hygiene appointments every year. (Every 3 months) Did you know that there is increasing evidence to suggest that chronic gum disease is yet another risk factor for cardio-vascular disease.  So basically, a healthy mouth, helps keep a healthy heart! For those of you who would love to find out more, you can download a whole book on the subject thanks to Colgate, if you click on this link: Periodontal Disease and Overall Health: A Clinician’s Guide Patients that would benefit from the Extra Healthy plan, may answer YES to some of these questions.
  • Do you have a lot of restorations, such as fillings, crowns, veneers and bridges?
  • Have you been diagnosed with gum disease?
  • Do you notice that your gums bleed when you brush?
  • Do you find your teeth stain easily and would like a professional clean more frequently?
  • However hard you try, do you still struggle with cleaning the hard to reach areas of your mouth?
  • Do you find you need fillings doing every year and would like to try and prevent this happening?
  • Would you just like the feeling of squeaky clean teeth, more frequently?
If you would like to find out more about our new Extra Healthy Plan, then talk with one of our dentists while you are at the practice, or phone Julie for a chat about it on 0191 3849491. Keep on brushing (and flossing!!) and catch up with you soon.