Susan’s Zooooom!!

Fantastic results with Zoom whitening. Susan had the Zoom chair-side whitening, combined with the boost with the home kit and was amazed by the results. Susan’s teeth lightened by ten shades.

Susan had been a bit apprehensive before her whitening treatment, two hours in the dental chair seemed like it could be quite stressful experience. She did relax once I told her I would read the paper and shuffle around whilst the laser was doing its job, rather than be sitting talking at her for two hours… can you imagine!!!

Please see Susan’s testimonial as well, we are so pleased to have such favourable feedback – thank you.

We’ve had some great results with the new Zoom! whitening treatments, if you fancy giving yourself a whiter brighter smile this summer – give us a bell! Ask for more information at your next appointment, its really exciting. Charlotte has had to remind me that when I’ve got a “Zoom” treatment in, thats its not actually me having the whitening done – I just get so over-excited, I’m over-excited for you!! The results have been fab!!