Margaret’s story

Last December, during the bad weather, Margaret suffered a fall on the ice. Margaret came to see us a couple of days after the fall looking very bruised, with black eyes and a probable broken nose. She was in good spirits and was, as Margaret tends to, looking on the bright side! Margaret had also suffered some trauma to her front teeth. Unfortunately one front tooth was not save-able and needed removing.  This was arranged and she was provided with a temporary denture to fill the gap and allow healing to take place. Another front tooth was broken and so was restored. After 3 months we provided Margaret with a bridge to fill the gap instead of the denture. All seemed well until May 2011 when the other front tooth which had suffered in the fall had a flare up. Due to the trauma the nerve had died off and an abscess had started.   This tooth needed to be root filled and due to the lack of remaining tooth structure a post-crown was fitted. As Margaret is a member of Belmont Dental Practice the cost of her traumatic incident was covered by the insurance plan. The total cost of treatment provided for Margaret was £1477. The excess payable was £25. Teeth can be a little unpredictable and so claims can be left open and possible eventualities laid out to ensure that you do not have to pay anything more than the excess payment for problems resulting directly from the incident. A few tips regarding insurance claims, please remember;
  • You must notify the practice or Isoplan within 10 days of your accident.
  • You are covered for problems both home and away but please do keep any receipts of payment and as many details as you can if you seek help from another dental professional.
  • Excess payments are £25 within UK and £50 outside UK
  • Out-of-hours cover is provided for acute pain and trauma.
  • Payouts are available if accidents involve overnight stays, or facial scarring.
  • In the very unfortunate outcome of being diagnosed with oral cancer you will receive £2500.
For further information regarding the insurance claim or to receive an up-to-date insurance brochure please contact the practice on 0191 3849491.   Thank you to Margaret for allowing us to use her story to display the benefits of the insurance scheme which are included in your monthly payment plans. We are hoping that this is the last Margaret will hear from her slip on the ice but we are keeping an extra close eye on her with the bad weather, unfortunately, approaching again!