Happy 5th birthday!

We were amazed and touched, as people flooded through the door on the 14th February to join us at the practice to help us celebrate being at Belmont for 5 years.

Maybe it was the promise of cake, or the wine, or possibly both. But the practice filled as patients joined us to participate in the age old game of ‘pass the parcel’. I am not quite sure why I felt the need to explain the rules to everyone on the day, as I am sure most of us have played it, even if it has been a little while since!

This classic game was skillfully won by Nicole Young.

Thank you to the Ramside hall for the prize, which was a voucher for ‘tea for two’ at Ramside Hall Hotel and Spa. I am a little jealous as I had my eye on that prize myself!

If any one wants to copy our patented design of ‘Pin the Gold Crown on the Hippo’, then we still have it, just in case!

Well done to the Alali family for winning the OralB electric toothbrush in this game.

It has to be said at this point, that a big thanks has to be made to all the staff at Belmont Dental Practice for all their hard work over the years. Without all the hard work that everyone puts in, we could not truly manage to be the friendly and approachable practice that we aim to be. Its not easy being this cheerful all the time you know!

And yes, before you all ask. We have managed to finish off eating all the cake. It was delicious!