Chilly Christmas Dippers

Since being a small child, I have never worn my dressing gown in public!!  However this boxing day was going to change all that.  It seemed like there were thousands attending the annual boxing day dip at Seaburn and there were some mighty impressive fancy dress outfits present. As first timers, we were all a bit nervous about running into the sea on a day when there was snow on the ground!  It said -4 on my car thermometer on the drive over to Sunderland. Congratulations to the whole of our team who managed to all make it into the sea, despite a few coughs and running noses.  Julie actually dived into the sea. I don’t know whether she intended it or tripped, but we like to just think of her as very enthusiastic!  Whereas Caroline enjoyed it so much, she was starting to think of next years outfits while we were still in the sea! So far we have raised over £400 for the shining star project and donations are still coming in every day.  Thank you all so very much for your kind support.  We will try and keep you updated as to how your donations are being spent. In the mean time everyone at Belmont Dental Practice wishes all our patients and anyone reading this post a Very Happy New Year.